Acrylic makeup display

China perspex manufacturer custom acrylic lipstick display stand NMD-802

The custom black plexiglass lipstick display stand with printing is a striking solution to showcase lipstick collections with finesse. Crafted from high-quality black plexiglass, this stand exudes a luxurious and contemporary appeal, making it a perfect addition to beauty stores or personal vanity setups. The stand features multiple compartments thoughtfully designed to accommodate a variety of lipstick shades, keeping them organized and easily accessible. Additionally, the display stand can be customized with vibrant and eye-catching printing, allowing brands to highlight their logos or unique designs, further enhancing the visual impact. Create an elegant and personalized presentation for lipsticks with this exquisite display stand.

1. Customized design / size / color / logo etc;

2. Min. order quantity: 50 - 100pieces (depended on required color and size);

3. Material: Acrylic (perspex / plexiglass / PMMA / Lucite);

4. Sample is available;

5. Normally the sample time is 3 - 5 work days, shipping time is around 1 week;

6. Worldwide shipping service, cheap freight cost by air / by sea / by express;

7. Fast quotation in 1 - 8 hours.

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